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Why Aperture Size Matters for Your Cartridge

Published Date:
December 23, 2022

As cannabis operators, it's important to be aware of the different factors that can affect the operation of your 510 thread cartridge. One such factor is aperture size. Keep reading to learn more about why aperture size is an important factor when choosing your cartridge hardware.

What is the Aperture in a Cartridge?

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The aperture is the hole found at the base of the centerpost in a cartridge. It acts as the pathway for the cannabis oils or concentrates to move from the tank to the wick as the material is heated. While most aperture holes might appear to be the same size, the slight differences can make a world of a difference.

Why is Aperture Size Important?

When purchasing vape cartridges for your business, the size of the aperture is essential as it dictates how much live rosin or live resin can be vaporized in each puff. A larger opening allows for more vape fluid to flow through at once, which might be great for smoke production but not for product longevity. On the other hand, a smaller aperture can mean less vapor output due to a smaller flow and potentially a less flavorful hit. 

Fortunately, for those who choose the 510 cartridge design it is easy to find compatible vape components that offer different aperture sizes and other customizable features to suit your vaping style. With its versatile design, you can tailor your vape cartridge to get the best experience possible for customers vaping your brand’s weed pens.

Larger Aperture Size

Larger aperture sizes are a great option for those who desire intense flavor and large amounts of vapor to showcase their cannabis products. The large size helps vaporizers to make the most of their oil due to the increased potency from larger amounts of vapor with each draw. 

Having a larger aperture size not only produces fuller hits, but allows for the use of thicker oils. This means as a business owner you have a wider choice of oils and concentrates to use in your cartridges. Additionally, using larger sizes and higher viscosity concentrates makes leakage less of an issue as oils easily pass into the heating chamber for optimal vapor production.

Smaller Aperture Size

It is common knowledge that using a larger aperture size will produce more vapor and flavor, however the flip side to this is true as well. Utilizing a smaller aperture size means far less oil is being vaporized, resulting in less dense clouds and potentially weaker tasting flavors.

While this might seem like a downside at first, it's actually great news for users who prefer to use their devices on low wattage or those whose devices don't have the capability to sustain large wattages. This way, they will still be able to get the same level of satisfaction but with much less draw power.

Experiment with Different Aperture Sizes

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Aperture size is an important consideration when deciding which cannabis extracts to use for your operation. The viscosity of the chosen extracts plays a large role in how large or small the aperture holes need to be. To find the “perfect” size for your product you will need to do some research and experimenting. By experimenting with different aperture sizes, you can find the size to optimize the flavor profile and smokability of your cannabis products. 

Finding the right aperture size for your chosen extracts also helps operators create products that meet or exceed quality expectations without wasting any of the oil or concentrate in the cartridge. While experimentation may seem daunting to some, cannabis operators can rest assured knowing that they are taking the necessary steps in order to achieve top-notch results with each and every cartridge.

Testing Cartridges After Filling

Testing carts after filling

Testing live rosin and live resin carts after filling is a key part of ensuring consistency and quality when creating consumer vape cartridges. Cartridges monitored over a period of time will reveal issues like clogging and leaking, that can then be addressed to ensure a consistent experience for the consumer. Making sure cartridges live up to their manufacturer's quality standards is paramount to providing an enjoyable and safe vaping experience for your customers.

The Right Size For the Right Product

It is important to understand how aperture size works in order to get the most out of your brand’s cartridges. Larger aperture sizes allow for more oil to be vaporized, which means more vapor and flavor. A smaller aperture size means less oil to be vaporized, but works well for low wattage batteries. 

Operators should experiment with different aperture sizes to find the perfect one for their needs. If you have any questions or would like help finding the best option for your cannabis operation, don't hesitate to reach out to S10 Labs' hardware experts.

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