Zirco Disposable

S10 Labs MZCT Disposable systems are crafted utilizing zirconia ceramics to evenly heat oil for consistent pulls and complete absorption. The porous feature of MZCT leads to increased vapor production and enhanced natural flavors.
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Due to its ability to reach higher temperatures, the MZCT Disposable works with the most viscous materials in the industry. Distillates to live resin, our disposables shine without any residue buildup or leaching.
Zirconia Tehcnology
Zirconia Tehcnology

Tank Capacity:

0.5 ml
1 ml


0.3 - 11.2 * 112 mm
0.5 - 11.2 * 118.2 mm


3 * 1.8 mm
3 * 2.0 mm

Total Weight:


Battery Casing Material:

304 Stainless Steel

Battery Capacity:

320 mAh

Output Voltage:

3.0V - 3.3V
* customization upon request

Casing Material:

Quartz Glass

Center Post Material:

Zirconia Ceramic

Coil Material:


Fill Type:





1. Fill a syringe with a blunt tip needle with your desired oil. Insert
the needle into the chamber between the center post and the outer tank wall.

2. Depending on the consistency of oil, heating may be necessary to match the viscosity.

3. Dispense oil into the chamber up to the lower gasket located on the center post.
DO NOT OVERFILL as overfilling can cause leaking.

4. Do not fill in the center post. Filling this in will cause blockage
of the air path and cause leakage.


1. Capping can be done by an assisted capping machine or by hand.
When capping, do not over tighten and adjust machine accordingly.

2. Cap the cartridge immediately after filling to ensure that proper
pressure is utilized to seal the cartridge.

3. After capping, the cartridge must be kept upright and be allowed a
minimum of 2 hours for the saturation period.

4. For optimum flavor and power output, keep the voltage at or below 4.2V.
Zirco 0.5ml Disposable

Tank: 22mm x 34.45mm
Ceramic Base: 5mm x 34.45mm
Battery: 67.5mm x 35.2

Mouthpiece options:

Disposables Mouthpiece
Disposables (AIO)Disposables (AIO)

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