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S10 Labs is dedicated to reinventing the hardware standards for the cannabis industry. We are founded with the mission to advance the industry through our expertise in material science & our relentless pursuit for quality.

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On Zirco

With a sleek and sensational look, the Zirco has it all. As the first zirconia ceramic cartridge manufacturer, Zirco is produced with a focus on efficacy, flavor, and performance. Learn about how the Zirco is the best cartridge on the market.
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Medical Zirconia Ceramic Technology

From Apple to Foxconn, our engineers come from first class corporations with a passion to utilize their past experiences to build products that redefine our industry. As global leaders in innovation for vaporization technology and a trusted manufacturer of custom vaporization hardware, our team has a proven track record for custom OEM and ODM projects.
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We are committed to setting the new standard for vaporization hardware through providing superior performing vaporization hardware that continuously improves the end-user experience.

Patented Medical-Grade Zirconia Ceramic

Universal Compatibility: Standard 510 Thread

Full Vapor Production and Complete Oil Absorption

No Leaking or Clogging

No Metal Leaching or Metallic Taste

Fully Tested: Heavy Metal and Contamination Free

Expanding Your Branding
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Our Products
Live Resin, Distillate, Solventless 
You’ve Got the Oil.
We’ve Got the Hardware.

Best in Class Partners

For more than 10-years, we have been delivering innovation for some of the best vaporization products on the market. Our expertise in R&D and production quality allow us to provide our partnership promise to our customers that their brands are backed by the best in the cannabis industry. We deliver high quality products that are designed to exceed expectations every time.

Brand Customizations

Our team of innovators have created a suite of products focused on aesthetics, ergonomics, efficiency and an elegant and minimalistic approach that customers love. Our products are also loaded with features to ensure that your customers have the most engaging and gratifying cannabis experience that meets the market’s demand.

Cutting Edge Products

Our cutting edge products are a result of many years of intensive research and development, following the highest safety, quality standards, and latest compliance rules. Our products are completely safe to use and are made with the highest quality materials in the industry.

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