A versatile and premium vaping solution for businesses looking to elevate their product offerings. With its innovative design such as a gravitational heating element and customizable options, the Aero guarantees customer satisfaction and a competitive edge.

Oil Capacity: 1.0 ml
Battery Capacity: 280 mah
Heating Element: Gravitational
Resistance: 1.4/1.55/1.8/2.4 Ω
Charging Port: Micro USB

 Aero Disposable

Visualize Your Brand

The branding visualizer tool allows you to design and preview your customized AERO™ AIO. Simply choose color, upload your image or logo to explore the playground and see what it will look like.

* PNG is the recommended format for uploading.

Embrace the Path to Vaping Excellence

We work with cannabis brands around the world, providing them with vaporization hardware that is reliable, innovative, and best in class.

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GMP Environment
Unparalleled scientific management ensures top industry-standard production, quality control, and efficiency.
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R&D Resources
Innovating since 2010, with a global team of 250+ R&D experts continuously optimizing cutting-edge vaporizing technologies.
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Quality Control
Committed to compliance, we conduct rigorous real-world testing to ensure reliable and safe products.
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Supply Chain Control
Our meticulous supply chain management ensures only quality-approved products progress through our ecosystem.
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Our dedicated team works tirelessly to deliver bespoke solutions that breathe life into your unique vision.
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New Standard
We’re on a mission to change the industry by setting the new standard for vaporization hardware.

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