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Zirconia Technology

World’s First Full Zirconia Cartridge

As the newest innovation in the industry, Zirconia Ceramic Heating Technology delivers unrivaled efficacy, flavor, and performance. From diamonds to surgical applications, our patented medical-grade zirconia ceramic is unmatched.

Medical Zirconia Ceramic Technology (MZCT)

The Solution to All Problems

Avoid common issues that come with using metal cartridges. With our patented medical-grade zirconia, avoid failing industry testing with our metal-free and non-toxic products.

Out With
The Old

With the tightening of testing standards to rising mistrust, the cannabis vaporizer and cartridge sector has been confronted with a legitimate concern. Cartridges previously utilizing metals as the main heating component have faltered as testing for heavy metals has become more stringent.

The Problem

Metal cartridges failing rigorous testing standards have caused major industry leaders to become concerned. Failed products incur high costs for companies especially in the current industry climate. No one can afford to lose.

The Solution

At S10 Labs, our team has brought about the next phase in vaporizer and cartridge technology: Medical Zirconia Ceramic Technology (MZCT).

Thermal Properties
With temperature resistance up to 1400°C, zirconia ceramic is stable at high temperatures without any issues of corrosion or degradation. Avoid over-burning while experiencing the true qualities of the oil.
Porous Nature
Zirconia ceramic allows for even heating of the oil that leads to complete absorption.  Maintain all the natural flavors of the oil with consistency in every pull.
Physical Durability
Often substituted for diamonds, zirconia ceramic is stronger than any metal or alumina ceramic. Avoid any chance of microfracturing or shattering as zirconia ceramic boasts a high fracture toughness and high scratch resistance.
Testing Assurance
Resistance to oxidation and chemical corrosion, heavy metal free, and the assurance of no toxin leaching over time guarantees that every current and future test will never fail.

Medical Application

Zirconia ceramic has been utilized in surgeries and dentistry throughout the medical industry. From ball-and-joint replacements to dental implants, zirconia ceramic is utilized for its ability to withstand high friction and fracture points within the body.

Industrial Application

Due to its mechanical properties, zirconia is the principal compound in synthetic diamonds. With a near-identical set of properties, zirconia emulates the same brilliance and durability as diamonds.

In With the New

S10 Labs is taking advantage of the increased toughness and utilizing zirconia ceramics to solve the common issues of the industry. With its medical applications in mind, our team crafted products that utilize zirconia ceramics to be able to pass all heavy metal testing standards along with avoiding micro-fracturing and chipping that commonly occurs with regular ceramics.

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