Our Story

We’re Built For the Future

You may have not heard about us until now, but we’ve been around.

The device you are reading this very article with? It was either made or engineered by one of our team members.  This goes to show how far reaching our team is.

At S10 Labs, we’re on a mission to change the industry by setting the new standard for vaporization hardware.  The standard should be not only changing when necessary, but also predicting where industry is heading.

To Create
the Best,
We Need
the Best

With the tightening of testing standards to variability and quality, the cannabis vaporizer and cartridge sector has been confronted with a legitimate concern. Cartridges previously utilizing metals as the main heating component have faltered as testing for heavy metals has become more stringent.

From Start
to Finish

Our hardware looks, and more importantly, performs better than anything in the market today. S10 Labs works with cannabis brands around the world, providing them with vaporization hardware that is reliable, innovative, and best in class.

We Are Not Done

While our products are designed for the future of the industry, we know that there will always be better.  Although our hardware is known for quality and innovation that is unrivaled in the industry, our mission is to continue to solve and prevent obstacles.  Our team can make a promise.  A promise to stay dedicated to bringing about the most innovative and reliable solutions.

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