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As the newest innovation in the industry, Zirconia Ceramic Heating Technology delivers unrivaled efficacy, flavor, and performance. From diamonds to surgical applications, our patented medical-grade zirconia ceramic is unmatched.

Quality & Safety

As the global leader in vaporizer technology and as a trusted manufacturer of custom vape hardware, we have proven track records in custom order OEM & ODM projects.
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Product Specs

Metal cartridges failing rigorous testing standards have caused major industry leaders to become concerned. Failed products incur high costs for companies especially in the current industry climate.

Quality Control

Unlike other operators who pretend to be manufacturers and have no direct oversight to the manufacturing process, S10 Labs is fully vertically-integrated to ensure complete control of our quality control processes.

Zirconia Ceramic
From diamonds to medical applications, zirconia ceramics is the new standard. Zirconia ceramics have been utilized for ball-and-joint replacements and dental implants throughout the medical industry for their ability to withstand high friction and fracture points within the body. S10 Labs is taking advantage of this increased toughness by utilizing zirconia ceramics to solve the common issues of the vape industry.
R&D Resources
Since its establishment, we have been focusing on the innovation of vaporizing technology and product research and development. Now it has formed an independent R&D elite team of more than 40 staff, continuously optimizing and upgrading cutting edge technologies.
Quality Control
We design with compliance in mind, testing throughout the development process and continuing to test once products go into production. We routinely conduct hardware tests for reliability and safety in real-world scenarios, such as impact and drop testing.
Supply Chain Control
We maintain meticulous end-to-end supply chain management, from production, shipping, customs, to delivery, to ensure only those that meet our quality standards are allowed to enter our supply chain system.
Heavy Metals Free
With a high-temperature resistance of up to 1400℃, our zirconia ceramic cartridges have a high fracture toughness, are resistant to oxidation and chemical corrosion, and present no heavy metal contamination or leaching ensuring that our cartridges will pass any testing regulations.
GMP Environment
Sticking on the core concepts of scientific management, S10 Labs takes the lead with top industry-standard production facilities and a complete set of 7s management pattern, the GMP standard production environment, ISO9001 quality management system for efficient production and strict quality control.

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