Frequently Asked Questions


How do I contact S10 Labs?

You can submit your question or information through the contact page, or you can email us at to speak directly with a team member.

Where are S10 Labs main services located?

Our main services, from sales to customer support, are located in the United States, specifically California.

What is the standard delivery time of S10 Labs products?

S10 Labs is dedicated to ensuring that your order will get to you in the fastest way possible.  Once everything has been verified and an order is placed, typical turnaround times for standard orders is anywhere from three to five weeks.  Custom orders have a typical turnaround time of four to six weeks.

Can any of the S10 Labs products be used for nicotine or e-liquid products?

No. S10 Labs cartridges and power supplies are not to be used for tobacco-derived products.

Are S10 Labs products reusable?

No. Our cartridges are designed for a single-use only.

Will change in elevation affect the S10 Labs products?

There should be no concern of how a change of elevation will affect the chances of the cartridge from leaking.  If the cartridge is filled, changing in elevation has the propensity to leak, depending on how full the cartridge has been filled.  If expecting a change of elevation after cartridges are filled, please contact our Customer Service at for further instructions.

What oil viscosities do S10 Labs products work with?

Our S10 Labs products, from cartridges to disposables, are all specifically designed to provide proper usage with all varieties of oils.  Distillates, solventless extractions, live resin, rosins, and CBD oils are some of the few products that we have geared our products to work with.  Through the ability for customizable aperture sizes, we ensure that each individual product is properly geared towards your specific oil consistency.  All our team members are well versed in the different types of oils and can help you make the best selection possible.


Where can I find out more about S10 Labs products?

Our products are available on this page, or you can submit a request to us with a specific question about our products.

What materials are used to manufacture S10 Labs products?

At S10 Labs, our research and development team has been developing our product for years.  Reason is because we are always looking ahead to source the best material not only for the current market, but also for the future.  Since our product is made of zirconia ceramic, our oil touching components contain no metal and exceed consumer-safety standards.

What power supplies are S10 Labs cartridges compatible with?

Our cartridges utilize the standard 510 threaded connection for universal compatibility.  We highly recommend utilizing S10 Labs specific batteries for maximum output, but our cartridges are designed for effective use with any 510 threaded compatible batteries.

What charging methods are there for S10 Labs power supplies?

USB: With our USB charging system, remove the cartridge if attached to the battery.  After, screw on the USB charger to the same 510 thread port that the cartridge was originally attached to.  Once done, insert the USB head into any active USB port or adaptor.Micro-USB: With our micro-USB charging, we highly recommend that one removes the cartridge if attached to the battery.  Plug in the included micro-USB charger to the bottom of the device.  Once done, insert the USB head into any active USB port or adapter.

What differentiates S10 Labs products from other company products?

Our Zirco line of products is specifically crafted to ensure that the best material for the truest flavor is possible.  Through utilizing zirconia ceramic, S10 Labs has produced the best material for maximizing taste with the most efficient burning capabilities that truly enable the full cannabinoid profile of your product to shine through.


How can I purchase S10 Labs Products?

S10 Labs sells in large wholesale quantities to verifiable growers, extractors, retailers, and distributors. Submit your information by clicking the Request Sample button or to begin an order.

Does S10 Labs sell products outside the United States?

Currently our sales are strictly limited to the United States, but we are looking to expand in the near future into Canada.

Quality and Testing

How does S10 Labs maintain product reliability?

With our manufacturing standards, S10 Labs sets strict quality control measures to ensure qualities overseas and in our United States based facilities.  Our process includes product quality control, immediate post production quality control, and post shipping quality control measures.

Where can I see detailed S10 Labs product specifications?

To see product MSDS, spec sheets, COAs or S10’s compliance packet, please send us a message using the inquiry form. Alternatively call us on , and we’d be happy to assist.  For more detailed specifications pertaining to our product, our sales representatives have on hand the MSDS, Spec Sheets, and COA’s associated with each product and batch. Please send us a message or call us and we’d be happy to assist.

How are S10 Labs products designed and manufactured?

S10 Labs products are designed in the United States (California).  Our research and development team consists of top tier engineers stemming from the technology space, specific to Foxconn and other technology giants. Our marketing and operations, sales, and short-run products are all operated at S10 Labs headquarters located in Southern California.  Our manufacturing facilities operate at the highest standards such that all processes are properly sterilized and logged for complete transparency.

How does S10 Labs manage and ensure safety for its devices and products?

At S10 Labs, we take the quality and safety of all our products seriously.  From operational to testing procedures, our manufacturing division follows stringent processes in order to ensure a consistent, quality product.  Our research and development team consists of highly qualified individuals that have extensive experience in the technology space and utilize common practices in order to develop the most qualified product possible.

Does S10 Labs test for heavy metals?

Yes, our quality control and compliance team ensures that all proper tests are conducted to not only showcase the safety behind our products, but also maintain all necessary records to ensure that all test results are available during the purchasing phase.  Specific to heavy metal testing, our team utilizes California's Phase 3 testing requirements as the standard to how our heavy metal testing is conducted.


What customization options does S10 Labs provide for its products?

S10 Labs was created with the fundamental principle of solving any issue in the industry.  With this in mind, S10 Labs offers a one stop shop of product, packaging, and customization.  Our facilities are equip with the ability to help bring your vision to life.  Whether you need full scale design help from logo and artwork creation to simple graphic alterations, S10 Labs has the team for full customization support.

Does S10 Labs private label manufacture for brands?

Yes. At S10 Labs, we take pride in each and every client. Our manufacturing team has the complete capability to fully customize and private label each product with their design. Check out our Customization Page for the Standard Print Areas or further information about our product’s customization. Ask our sales representative for more information on customization.

Does S10 Labs offer filling solutions?

S10 Labs offers filling services for hemp based products ONLY at our facilities under our S10 Labs filling solutions division.  S10 Labs specially manufactures vaporization hardware and we sell our cartridges and pods empty of ingredients to partners with legal and authorized businesses that fill, seal, and deliver cartridges to legal and authorized retailers.