On a mission to create and deliver the next generation of flower consumption with innovative design and cutting-edge technology, E1011 Labs partnered with S10 Labs to develop the elon®, a heat-not-burn device.
Zirconia Ceramic Heating Rod
With S10 Labs' expertise in material science, a Zirconia ceramic heating rod and aerospace grade materials were selected to create this state-of-the-art inhalable device.
Whole Flower for
Whole Experience
The next step was to formulate a convenient and accessible capsule for convenient on-the-go consumption of whole flower.
S10 Labs created elon® with the utmost attention to every detail, which is evident in the device's technical specifications.
full charge in 30 -45 minutes
Lasts up to 13 -15 sessions
Full Flavor in Seconds
Up to6 seconds to begin session
The little things
are a big deal
Our design comes full circle. elon heats our full-spectrum flower blends to the ideal temperature in order to deliver the full benefits of cannabinoids with zero waste and perfect airflow.
Gradient Background
Zirco CartridgeZirco Cartridge
We helped E1011 Labs take their concept from ideation to reality. Ideas no longer have to feel “out of this world” when working with S10 Labs.
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