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Understanding the Higher Cost of Cannabis Concentrates Compared to Cannabis Flower

Published Date:
December 18, 2023

In the diverse world of cannabis products, two categories stand prominently: cannabis concentrates and cannabis flower. While the cannabis flower has long been the traditional mainstay of the industry, concentrates have surged in popularity, particularly among users seeking higher potency and a different kind of experience. But with this surge comes a notable difference in price – concentrates often command a higher cost compared to their floral counterpart.

This blog aims to delve into the nuances behind this price disparity. Understanding the difference is crucial not just for consumers making informed choices, but also for businesses in the cannabis industry, like S10 Labs, who are navigating this evolving market.

Our exploration will cover a range of factors, from the intricate production processes and market dynamics to consumer perceptions and the evolving legal landscape. By dissecting these elements, we aim to provide a clear, comprehensive view of why cannabis concentrates represent a higher-priced segment in the cannabis market. This understanding is essential for professionals in the field, aligning with S10 Labs' commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation, safety, and customer satisfaction in the cannabis industry.

Join us as we unpack the complexities behind the cost of cannabis concentrates, offering insights that go beyond the surface to the very core of cannabis economics.

Basic Definitions and Differences

cannabis flower versus extracts

Cannabis Concentrates and Their Types

Cannabis concentrates are highly potent substances extracted from the cannabis plant. These products undergo a process that isolates and concentrates the most desirable components – primarily cannabinoids and terpenes. Common types include:

Live Resin:

Known for preserving the flavor and aroma of the live plant through a freeze-drying process.


A translucent, glass-like concentrate valued for its purity and potency.


A malleable concentrate, known for its ease of use and strong effects.

Cannabis Flower and Its Traditional Use

The cannabis flower, often referred to as bud, is the smokable part of the cannabis plant. It's the most traditional form of cannabis and is known for its natural terpenes and cannabinoids. The flower is typically dried and cured before being smoked, vaped, or used in homemade edibles.

Key Differences in Potency, Consumption Methods, and User Experience


Concentrates contain a much higher concentration of THC and other cannabinoids compared to flower.

Consumption Methods: 

Concentrates are often vaporized or dabbed, while flower is commonly smoked or used in edibles.

User Experience: 

Due to higher potency, concentrates offer a more intense and lasting effect, appealing to users seeking stronger and more immediate results.

Production Process of Cannabis Concentrates

how to make cannabis oil

Detailed Explanation of the Extraction Process

Equipment and Technology: 

The extraction of  concentrates requires advanced technology, including closed-loop systems for BHO (Butane Hash Oil) extraction and CO2 extraction machines.

Skilled Labor Requirements: 

Highly trained professionals are needed to handle these sophisticated processes, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Time and Resources Needed for Extraction

Extraction Time: 

Depending on the method, extraction can be a lengthy process, requiring precise control and monitoring.

Resource Intensive: 

High-quality solvents, energy, and specialized equipment are necessary, adding to the production cost.

Safety and Regulatory Compliance in Production

Safety Measures: 

Due to the use of volatile substances like butane and propane, stringent safety protocols are in place to prevent accidents.

Regulatory Compliance: 

Meeting legal standards for production, including quality control and environmental regulations, adds to the operational costs.

The production of cannabis concentrates is a complex and resource-intensive process. It demands advanced technology, skilled labor, and adherence to strict safety and regulatory standards, factors that significantly contribute to the higher cost of these products compared to cannabis flower. 

Comparison with Cannabis Flower Production

how to grow cannabis flower

Simplicity and Lower Cost of Growing Cannabis Flower

Growing cannabis flower is less resource-intensive compared to producing concentrates. The process is more straightforward, involving traditional cultivation, harvesting, and curing methods.

Differences in Harvesting and Processing

The flower requires basic harvesting and drying techniques, which are significantly less costly than the extraction processes used for concentrates. This simplicity in processing contributes to a lower price point.

Lower THC Content and Different User Experience

Cannabis flower offers a different experience, with lower THC levels and a broader terpene profile. This appeals to users seeking a milder effect or a more traditional consumption method, influencing its market price.

From the intricate production processes to market dynamics and consumer preferences, these elements collectively shape the pricing landscape in the cannabis industry. The following sections will delve into additional costs, market dynamics, and consumer perspectives, providing a comprehensive understanding of the value proposition of cannabis concentrates.

Additional Costs and Market Dynamics

Packaging and Branding for Concentrates

Concentrates require specialized packaging to preserve their potency and quality, often involving UV-protected, airtight containers. This added investment in packaging contributes to the higher cost.

Branding plays a significant role in differentiating products in a competitive market. The marketing and branding expenses for concentrates are often higher, reflecting the premium nature of these products.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance Costs

The cannabis industry, particularly for concentrates, faces stringent regulatory requirements. Compliance with state and federal laws, including lab testing, licensing, and adherence to health and safety standards, adds to the operational costs.

Regular updates and changes in cannabis laws also necessitate ongoing legal consultations and adjustments in business practices, further increasing expenses.

Market Trends and Consumer Willingness to Pay for Premium Products

As consumer knowledge and interest in cannabis concentrates grow, there's a willingness to pay more for premium, high-quality products. This trend influences market pricing, with producers able to command higher prices for top-tier concentrates.

Innovations in the concentrate segment, like new extraction techniques and product varieties, cater to a diverse consumer base, shaping market dynamics and price structures.

Consumer Perspectives

cannabis oil versus cannabis flower

Understanding the Value of Concentrates from a Consumer’s Viewpoint

Consumers often perceive concentrates as a more efficient and effective option due to their higher potency and longer-lasting effects. This perception of increased value can justify the higher cost in the eyes of many users.

For medical users, the precise dosing and immediate effect of concentrates can be particularly valuable, aligning with their need for effective symptom management.

The Cost-Benefit Analysis for Medical and Recreational Users

Medical users may find the higher cost of concentrates offset by the need for smaller quantities due to higher potency, leading to longer-lasting supplies.

Recreational users may weigh the cost against the unique experiences offered by concentrates, like flavor profiles and immediate effects, which are not as pronounced in cannabis flower.

Understanding these factors helps explain why concentrates are priced higher than cannabis flower, despite serving the same market. 

The Future of Cannabis Concentrates

Innovations in Concentrate Production

The cannabis industry is continuously evolving, with technological advancements leading to more efficient and safer extraction methods. These innovations could potentially reduce production costs and affect market prices.

Research into new concentrate forms and cannabinoid combinations promises to diversify the market further, potentially influencing consumer demand and pricing.

Potential Shifts in Pricing and Market Demand

As the market matures, competition among producers may lead to price adjustments. Increased production efficiency and scale could result in more accessible pricing for concentrates.

Market demand is likely to fluctuate with changing consumer preferences and potential new entrants into the concentrate market, influencing pricing strategies.

The Role of Cannabis Concentrates in the Evolving Cannabis Market

Concentrates are poised to play a significant role in the cannabis market, catering to a segment seeking potency, variety, and innovation.

With ongoing legalization efforts and increasing consumer education, the market for concentrates may expand, further integrating these products into the mainstream cannabis experience.


In this exploration, we have delved into the multifaceted reasons behind the higher cost of cannabis concentrates compared to cannabis flower. From the intricate and resource-intensive production processes to the additional costs of packaging, branding, and regulatory compliance, it's clear that a myriad of factors contribute to the pricing of concentrates. However, ultimately, whether for medical or recreational purposes, the choice between concentrates and flower comes down to individual preferences and needs.

By providing a deeper understanding of the cost factors involved, we hope to empower consumers and businesses alike to make informed decisions in this growing market. As we look to the future, the potential for innovation and diversification in the world of cannabis concentrates remains vast, promising exciting developments for consumers and producers alike.

S10 Labs: Streamlining Costs and Enhancing Value in Cannabis Concentrate Production

At S10 Labs, we understand the complexities and challenges faced by cannabis operators in producing high-quality concentrates. Our commitment is to offer solutions that not only address cost concerns but also enhance the overall value of your concentrate products.

Competitive Pricing for Quality Concentrates

Cost-Effective Solutions: We offer competitively priced products without compromising on quality. Our pricing strategy is designed to help cannabis operators maintain healthy margins while delivering superior quality concentrates to their consumers.

Bulk Purchase Options: To further reduce costs, we provide bulk purchasing options. This approach allows operators to minimize per-unit costs, making the production process more economical.

Innovative and Efficient Packaging Solutions

Customized Packaging: Understanding the unique needs of different concentrates, we offer customized packaging solutions. These tailor-made options ensure that your products are not only safely housed but also visually appealing, enhancing brand recognition.

Preservation and Compliance: Our packaging is designed to preserve the integrity and potency of concentrates while complying with regulatory standards. This dual focus ensures product safety and customer satisfaction, aligning with the high standards of the cannabis industry.

Streamlining Your Operations

Supply Chain Efficiency: By partnering with S10 Labs, cannabis operators can streamline their supply chain. Our reliable delivery and consistent product quality mean fewer worries about sourcing and supply issues.

Expert Support and Guidance: We provide more than just products. Our team of experts is available to offer guidance on best practices in concentrate production, helping you optimize your operations and stay ahead of market trends.

A Partner in Growth

Collaborative Approach: At S10 Labs, we see ourselves as partners in your growth. We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and challenges, offering solutions that propel their business forward.

At S10 Labs, we are dedicated to empowering cannabis operators with cost-effective, high-quality, and innovative solutions for cannabis concentrate production. Our competitive pricing, bespoke packaging options, and comprehensive support are designed to enhance the value of your products, streamline your operations, and position your brand for success in the competitive cannabis market. Let us be your partner in navigating the exciting yet challenging world of cannabis concentrates.

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