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How many Intake Holes Should My Vape Have?

Published Date:
January 12, 2023

When it comes to cannabis vape cartridges, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how many intake holes should be present. The number of intake holes will ultimately be dependent on a variety of factors, including the type of cartridge being used and the preferred vaping experience. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the key considerations that go into determining an ideal hole configuration for a cannabis vape cartridge.

What is an Intake Hole?

number intake hole and size

Typically, cannabis extract cartridges are available in the 510 thread style, which features up to five intake holes. These intake holes are an essential part of a vape pen’s cartridge structure, and can be seen sitting at the base of the centerpost within the tank. 

As the cannabis concentrate is heated, it moves through the intake holes into the centerpost to be turned into vapor and inhaled by the user. How much, or little, oil is taken in will determine how much vapor is produced and the flavor profile of the concentrate or distillate within.

“Too Many” Intake Holes

Using cartridges that have too many intake holes can actually be detrimental to the vaporizing experience. More intake holes means the oil has more pathways to the coil, which could lead to an overflow of concentrate the wick cannot process properly. 

This overflow can lead to excess non-vaporized oil entering the centerpost post and hardening. Once hardened the oil will clog the cartridge. If a cartridge becomes too clogged it will no longer be usable, leading to wasted product.

Too many intake holes can lead to structural problems as well. If the material used for the hardware is of poor quality, the constant heating of the cartridge could lead to dangerous micro fractures in the material. While a plethora of intake holes may seem like a great idea, less is more for cannabis operators in the vape industry.

“Too Few” Holes

Not having enough airflow makes it more difficult to vaporize concentrated materials evenly, causing inaccurate usage and harshness from the vape device. Too few intake holes act as a bottleneck to the airflow, resulting in a dried up heating core from poor lubrication and a burnt tasting hit. Having adequate airflow holes is essential for getting an enjoyable hit from cartridges, as minimal airflow will result in less vapor production and an unsatisfying experience when using concentrates.

The Ideal Number of Intake Holes

ideal number intake holes vape cart

Creating the ideal number of intake holes helps ensure that the cannabis oil is efficiently vaporized without sacrificing the vaping experience. Operators should consider their concentrate needs before selecting an appropriate cannabis vape cartridge with the right number of airflow intake holes. 

After years of research, our hardware experts at S10 Labs recommend 3-4 intake holes as the ideal amount for 510 thread cartridges. They see this as the most effective number of intake holes in order to create a consistent and ultimate user experience.

Choosing the Right Number for Your Operation

best number of intake holes for business

Once a cannabis operator has chosen their ideal type of concentrate, they should make sure to be in contact with their hardware manufacturer to make sure their chosen cartridge is meeting their business needs. Different concentrates, like live resin and live rosin, require a different number and size of intake holes, so it is important to make sure you’re choosing the right option.

S10 Labs has expert hardware specialists to help with any questions you may have when deciding how many intake holes your cannabis vape cartridge should have. Whether it be an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) project or an original design manufacturer (ODM) S10 Labs has the knowledge and tools to help guide you through the process. With the help of our experts, operators can build the hardware to their specifications and create the “perfect vape” for their business.

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