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California's Cannabis Packaging Bill: A Closer Look at AB 1207, Governor Newsom's Veto, and What Lies Ahead

Published Date:
October 9, 2023

In a move aimed at protecting children from unintentional exposure to cannabis, Assembly Member Jacqui Irwin introduced Assembly Bill 1207 (AB 1207) in the California State Assembly in May of 2023. The bill sought to impose stricter regulations on cannabis product packaging and labeling. However, Governor Gavin Newsom recently vetoed the bill, citing concerns about its impact on the cannabis industry and the need for more refined regulations. In this blog, we'll delve into the details of AB 1207, explore how it could have affected the cannabis industry in California, and understand why Governor Newsom chose to veto it.

AB 1207: Preventing Appeal to Children

Assembly Bill 1207 aimed to address a growing concern - the appeal of cannabis product packaging to children. Assembly Member Irwin pointed out that since the passage of Proposition 64, pediatric exposures to cannabis had significantly increased. Irwin's explanation of the bill stated that this increase was influenced by packaging features explicitly designed to attract children. Some of the key provisions of AB 1207 included:

  • Defining "attractive to children" to include images of cartoons, toys, and fictional characters.
  • Prohibiting brand names or packaging imitations resembling those of products marketed to children, such as cereals, sweets, and chips.
  • Banning the use of terms like "candy" or variants like "kandy" or "kandee" in marketing cannabis products.
  • Restricting the use of artificial, synthetic, or natural flavorings in marijuana products intended for smoking.

AB 1207 was approved by the Assembly's Business and Professions Committee and was undergoing consideration by the Appropriations Committee before a full-chamber vote.

Governor Newsom's Veto

Governor Gavin Newsom's decision to veto AB 1207 in early October 2023 was met with relief by California's legal cannabis operators. In his veto statement, Newsom acknowledged the existing safeguards for youth protection within Proposition 64, California's legal framework for cannabis. He expressed concerns about the overly broad definition of "attractive to children" used in the bill.

Newsom's decision was influenced by the potential impact on legal cannabis operators, who would have had to redesign logos, packaging, and even digital content, affecting brands built over years. Instead, the Governor emphasized the need to refine and strengthen existing protections for youth and called for enhanced enforcement measures.

Implications for the Cannabis Industry

The veto of AB 1207 represents a pivotal moment for California's legal cannabis market. With the threat of excessive packaging and labeling regulations lifted, businesses can now focus on growth, differentiation, and responsible community service. This decision highlights the importance of well-considered, practical regulations that ensure both public safety and industry sustainability.

The Governor's veto encourages more thoughtful discussions on youth safety and public health, without burdening legal operators. It also underscores the need for intensified enforcement efforts to combat the illicit cannabis market, a persistent challenge for the industry.

Challenges Ahead

Despite the veto, the legal cannabis industry in California faces ongoing challenges, including competition from illegal operators. While Governor Newsom's decision is significant, it's just one step toward creating a balanced and equitable cannabis market. Continued collaboration between the industry and the state is essential to establish regulations that are both fair and effective.


Governor Gavin Newsom's veto of AB 1207 marks a critical juncture for California's cannabis industry, highlighting the importance of balanced regulation. The decision offers hope for further collaboration between the industry and the state to develop regulations that ensure public safety, support responsible commerce, and address social justice concerns. As California navigates its cannabis future, the focus remains on finding the right balance to promote a thriving, legal market.

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