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S10 Labs’ Zirco Has Set the Standard for Ceramic 510 Thread Hardware

Published Date:
November 11, 2022

Since its launch, S10 Labs has established itself as the leader in vaporization technology and through diligent research and testing it has created the industry standard in ceramic 510 thread hardware, the Zirco. S10 Labs began its design journey with the motto  “Think Different”. Through this approach and the use of proprietary technology, their meticulous attention to every detail from composition to manufacturing was focused on one goal, to provide an unparalleled vaporization experience.

Recognizing that the testing standards for alloys were becoming more stringent, S10 Labs made the decision to approach the problems created by metal cartridges from a completely different angle. The result of their efforts is Zirco, the first zirconia ceramic cartridge. Its superior design and materials showcase greater thermal stability, structural integrity that resists cartridge breakdown - even at the highest operating temperatures, and a heating technology that delivers unmatched flavor and efficacy. The superior quality of S10 Labs ceramic 510 thread hardware technology has been such a market disruptor that many of their competitors have now attempted to bring their own ceramic cartridges to the market.

This superior technology has eliminated common problems from heavy metal leaching to troublesome micro-fracturing. In addition, the patented zirconia ceramic design provides over ten-times the hardness and strength of previous ceramic offerings. All these unique features not only create a more satisfying consumer experience but a safer one as well.

In addition, Zirco cartridges are constructed of only the highest medical grade materials and feature:

  • Unmatched thermal properties that eliminate the overheating of cannabis extracts
  • Extreme strength and durability that prevents chipping, shattering or leakage
  • Porous properties that create even heating and flavor maintenance
  • Unparalleled resistance to corrosion and oxidation that prevents toxin leaching

In combination with their innovation and quality control standards, S10 Labs is one of the few in the industry that maintains an end-to-end supply chain management system, in which every aspect from production to final delivery is controlled. This not only ensures their product reaches consumers, but quality is maintained at all stages of the process. 

The results of this tight product control have been evident as the company’s clients have won awards in Massachusetts, Washington, Arizona, California, and Colorado with their utilization of S10 Labs’ superior hardware and technology. This recognition has cemented S10 Labs’ reputation as being the company which sets precedence, maintains higher standards for consumers, and is committed to creating "for the industry, by the industry".

S10 Labs
is not only about product advancement but also values sustainability, and in holding true to that commitment they have formed a partnership with Crativ® Packaging. Crativ provides technologically advanced and environmentally friendly packaging that is the perfect fit for S10 Labs’ sustainability model. With the same desire to innovate that S10 Labs continues to bring to vaporization hardware, Crativ looks to lead their industry by providing unique, consumer friendly packaging solutions. It is through this partnership that both entities seek to be a responsible global community member and in the spirit of Crativ’s mission statement, will do so through integrity, collaboration and compassion. 

On November 15 -18, 2022, the public will have the unique opportunity to see all the latest S10 Labs’ innovations at MJBizCon at the Las Vegas Convention Center. At MJBizCon, one of the most influential and important cannabis conventions in the country, S10 Labs will have all of its latest vaporization technology on display, and expert staff on site to answer any questions on their industry leading hardware and product lines. Visitors can also take advantage of S10 Labs’ bundle packages with their choice of Crativ Plant-Based packaging + Zirco Cartridge for $2.81 or Crativ Accelerator +  Zirco Cartridge for $2.58

As S10 Labs moves forward, their goal is to continue to bring new hardware innovations to the market while maintaining a reputation built on superior quality. With their ongoing research, S10 Labs will remain at the forefront of ceramic 510 thread hardware technology and will ensure that their products will always be “Built for the Future”.

About S10 Labs

S10 Labs is a subdivision of a globally renowned organization that has worked with brands around the world, providing them with resources and vaporization hardware that is reliable, innovative, and best in class.

Beyond technical prowess, S10 Labs is truly the first of its kind operation to reimagine what it means to be a vertically-integrated manufacturer across the value chain because we believe our partners should enjoy a simple streamlined experience to help them expand their industry footprint.

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