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Screw Top vs Push Top Cartridges

Published Date:
January 4, 2023

As cannabis operators, it's important to know the products you're selling and the most cost-effective way to manufacture said products. Vape cartridges are popular across the US, with two main types currently on the market: screw top and push top. But which is better for your business? Keep reading to find out.

Debate Between Screw Top and Push Top Cartridges

510 thread cartridges are a popular choice when it comes to vaping, as they are universal and can be used with 510 thread batteries interchangeably. However, there are mainly fine details that set apart one cartridge from another, one of these details is the capping mechanism. This has led to a passionate debate among operators over the superiority of push top and screw top cartridges. 

Push toppers advocate for their convenience, while screw top advocates argue that their method is more secure, leading to longer-lasting carts that provide better taste and vapor production. Each side of the debate will likely remain divided due to personal preferences, as both can provide identical end-user products, with the only difference being the way the cartridge was capped.

Pros and Cons of Each Type

When it comes to the pros and cons of each type, there is a lot to consider. It is important to note that just because one particular type has certain drawbacks, it doesn't mean that it can't be beneficial in certain situations. After all, each type could be seen as a viable option depending on the context or circumstances.

Screw Top

screw top vs push top cartridge

Screw tops are a great option because they can be capped by hand, meaning no extra investment in machinery. Cartridges with these tops are referred to as refillable vape cartridges since the top can easily be removed to fill the tank with more vape oil.

However, being able to remove the screw top so easily comes with some cons. Screw top cartridges are susceptible to tampering once they have left the manufacturing facility, and do not have high child safety elements once removed from the packaging. And while screw tops do not need heavy machinery, they do require lots of labor as each top must be screwed on one by one.

Push Top

push top vape cartridge

Generally, push tops require a capping machine to be used to seal the carts since they cannot be properly pushed in by hand. While a mechanical capping machine is an additional cost, push tops overall present more pros than cons. 

Using a capping machine seals the cartridge so it cannot be reopened. This means brands do not have to worry about potential tampering after the factory or their product getting into the hands of children once opened. The capping machine offers an additional benefit as the capping amount can be scaled to different amounts. Operators can cap up to 100 cartridges at a time, instead of one by one.

With all this in mind, cannabis operators should put each type under review and weigh out what works best for them in terms of their needs and preferences. Ultimately, finding the right balance of benefits and potential risks for any given situation will help ensure that the best possible choice is made for your cannabis operation.

Choose Based on Your Cartridge Capping Needs

Making a decision on the right cartridge capping solution for your business needs is a big one, requiring research and understanding of the available options. Regardless of whether you’re an established business or are just starting out, there is likely to be a best solution that matches your production and budget goals. 

From manual options that provide accurate and safe closures with no automation to fully automatic machines designed to increase speed and throughput, it’s important to choose the ideal solution carefully. Evaluating what type of capping processes you need as well as possible growth scenarios for your production can help guide you in selecting the perfect capper for both current and future needs. To maximize efficiency and cost savings, it is worth exploring all possibilities offered within each capping category before deciding which option is best for you.

ceramic zirco cartridge

Now that you know the debate between screw top and push top cartridges, it's time to make a decision for your needs. If you're still undecided, S10 Labs offers a cliq-seal cartridge, Zirco™, which might be the perfect solution for you. It has a child-resistant feature with an audible snap closure to ensure safety and quality control. When it comes to deciding between push top or screw top cartridges, choose what works best for you and your operation.

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