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Vape Pods vs Vape Cartridges

Published Date:
July 25, 2022

Marijuana extract, commonly referred to as vape oil or vape juice, is experiencing a surge in popularity as cannabis legalization spreads across the nation and the industry flourishes. This extract, typically sporting a translucent goldenrod or amber hue, is derived from the intricate chemical processes of extraction, cold filtration, and distillation of the resin within the marijuana plant's trichomes, sometimes known as hairs.

Types of Marijuana Extracts: THC, CBD, or Both

Various methods exist for extracting specific compounds like THC, CBD, or a combination of both from marijuana. Once the extraction process is complete, the resulting oil, known as distillate, finds its way into products such as vaporizers, tinctures, and even edible recipes. Notably, CBD is also employed as an ingredient in capsules sold in pet stores.

Vaporizer Products: The Dominant Choice

In recent years, vaporizer products have risen to prominence as one of the most prevalent methods for consuming THC and CBD extracts. Unlike marijuana flower, THC extracts used with vapes are typically higher in concentration, although less potent than extracts meant for dabbing.

Anatomy of a Vape

Vaping products usually comprise just two components: a cartridge or pod and a rechargeable battery. A starter kit may include both the extract and a rechargeable battery.

Evolution of Vape Carts

Vape cartridges, or vape pods, house the extract and represent the culmination of the distillation process. The evolution of these products has been significant, with vape items now available in various strains, flavors, and effects.

Distinguishing Vape Pens

A rechargeable battery, combined with a vape cartridge, is often referred to as a vape pen due to its pen-like shape and size. These batteries are often branded but generally interchangeable, at least with cartridges that attach using a 510-thread.

Dab Pens vs. Vape Pens

Although some may call it a dab pen, this term is somewhat misleading, as the concentrates used in dabs differ from those intended for vaporizers. Moreover, the temperatures required for heating dabs are typically much higher than those used in vaping.

How Vape Carts and Pods Work

Regardless of whether it's a vape cartridge or pod, the extraction is heated on a coil, and the resulting vapor is inhaled through a mouthpiece. The process remains quite similar.

Monitoring Cartridge Levels and Proper Disposal

With the rising popularity of vape products, it's crucial to know how to determine when a cartridge is empty and, more importantly, how to dispose of vape cartridges correctly. Many cartridges and pods provide a visual indicator of low oil levels through their transparent construction.

Responsible Disposal

Vape cartridges and pods consist of plastic, metal, oil, and ceramic components that have been frequently heated. They should not be recycled at home. Dispensaries and storefronts often offer designated bins for the disposal of used vape cartridges, and batteries must be recycled at specific stations, just like other batteries.

Benefits of Vaporizers

Consumers have embraced vaporizers for various reasons. They are convenient, compact, and discreet, allowing for easy transitions between strains and highs, even during travel. Additionally, vaporizers provide precise dosage control, making them an attractive option.

Control and Consistency

Compared to other consumption methods, vaping offers superior control over dosage. Edibles, for instance, can be easy to over-consume, and their effects are influenced by various factors. Smoking flower can also lead to variable highs depending on the smoking method used.

Travel-Friendly and Odorless

For habitual users, the ability to travel with marijuana extracts can be a game-changer, particularly in managing stress, anxiety, diet, and sleep. Vaporizers allow users to maintain their regular dosing routine without disrupting work or relaxation. Moreover, vaporizers produce minimal odor and no lingering smoke, making them less intrusive to non-users.

Revolutionizing the Industry

Due to their discretion, simplicity, minimal assembly, easy cleanup, and compatibility with USB chargers, vaporizers have revolutionized the marijuana industry. They offer a fast, efficient, and consistent way to achieve desired highs for seasoned users while remaining user-friendly for newcomers.

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