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Does Your Cartridge Material Affect the Longevity of Your Extract?

Published Date:
January 10, 2023

When it comes to cannabis extracts, there are a lot of factors that can affect the longevity and potency of the product. One important factor is the material of the cartridge that is used to store the extract. In this blog post, we will take a look at how different materials can affect the quality of your extract over time.

Different Types of 510 Thread Cartridges

different 510 thread carts

The variety of 510 thread cartridges available on the market today is vast. From zirconia ceramic 510 thread cartridges to metal-free varieties, there are options for all budgets and needs. 316 stainless steel cartridges offer durability and tensile strength, but zirconia ceramic cartridges provide superior air flow, even heating and better flavor. Ultimately, choosing the right cartridge depends on your business needs and budgets.

Pros and Cons of Each Type of 510 Thread Cartridge

metal versus ceramic 510 thread cartridge

510 thread cartridges can be great for various types of extracts and concentrates, but there are some pros and cons to consider when choosing the type of material composition. Metal 510 thread cartridges are cheaper to produce than ceramic cartridges, thus making them more cost-effective and optimal if you are on a tighter budget. Metal is more durable than other types of cartridge materials such as ceramic, but it may be prone to metal leaching depending on which type of metal is used. In S10 Labs’ white paper, a leading competitor's cartridge which was marketed as a stainless steel cartridge turned out to be a brass cartridge. Furthermore, metal cartridges are more susceptible to corrosion and oxidation in comparison to metal cartridges.

On the other hand, ceramic 510 thread cartridges may produce an unrivaled flavor profile due to even heating across the surface area of the center post and ceramic’s natural insulation properties. However, the different types of ceramics used create different qualities. Poor quality ceramics are notoriously fragile and can suffer fracturing if dropped or exposed to too much heat. Certain cartridges marketed as ceramic cartridges are actually just metal cartridges with a ceramic coating - these types of cartridges can be highly dangerous as the ceramic coating has a potential to shed and be inhaled by the end-user.

Operators should look for high quality carts using a material like zirconia ceramics as these have a high heat resistance and are known to be durable against fracturing. That is, if their budgets allow for premium hardware.

Which Type of 510 Thread Cartridge is Best for Longevity?

ceramic 510 thread cartridge

When it comes to determining the best cartridge for longevity, zirconia ceramic cartridges come out on top. Unlike regular 510 thread cartridges which are made from plastic, zirconia is a more advanced material that ensures durability and longer lasting performance. The zirconia ceramic material allows the atomizer to maintain a consistent temperature throughout use, so it won't easily overheat or break down due to heat stress like other materials do. 

Additionally, zirconia cartridges also provide better flavor stability—important for those who consider themselves connoisseurs of vaping. If you're looking for a 510 thread cartridge that can stand the test of time and keep your vape experience consistently enjoyable, zirconia ceramic cartridges are ideal.

To learn more about the true quality of zirconia ceramic cartridges, read S10 Labs’ white paper here.

Proper Cannabis Vape Storage

It is important to store your cannabis vape cartridge properly to ensure the extract within stays fresh and in good condition, which will help prolong the longevity of your extract. Here are a few tips for storing your vape cartridge:

  • Keep it in a cool, dry place: Avoid storing your vape cartridge in extreme temperatures or areas with high humidity. This can cause the oil inside to degrade or leak out.
  • Store it upright: Keeping your vape cartridge upright will help prevent any oil from leaking out of the cartridge.
  • Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight: Direct sunlight can cause the oil inside the cartridge to break down and become less effective.
  • Keep it away from heat sources: Avoid storing your vape cartridge near heat sources, such as a radiator or stove, as this can cause the oil to become too hot and potentially leak out of the cartridge.
  • Store it in a protective case: Consider keeping your vape cartridge in a protective case to help prevent damage from accidental drops or spills.

By following these simple storage tips, you can help ensure that the extracts stay fresh and your cannabis vape cartridge stays in good working condition.

Tips for Using a 510 Thread Cartridge

Using a 510 thread cartridge is an efficient, cost-saving way to enjoy marijuana or other cannabis products. It's important to use the cartridge properly in order to optimize the flavor of your product while preserving its quality. First, unscrew the top cap and fill the tank up with oil, making sure it doesn't go over the designated fill line. Then attach the battery; you'll know that your device is securely attached once it vibrates and pulses to indicate proper connection. To start vaping, press down on the button for a few seconds before inhaling slowly from the mouthpiece at the top of your cartridge. Make sure you cut off power after each session to preserve battery life. If you're using a pre-filled cartridge, pay attention to signs that your coil may need cleaning or replacing, such as lowered vapor production or slightly burnt taste during use; poor maintenance can significantly reduce product life cycle. Follow these guidelines for a successful vaping experience!

Ultimately, 510 thread cartridges are a great choice for anyone looking to enjoy cannabis extracts. However, with all the variety available on the market, it can be difficult to decide what type of cartridge is best for you. Ceramic has become a popular choice due to its longevity and ability to deliver consistent flavour and purity from start to finish. At S10 Labs, we have developed our own zirconia ceramic cartridge called the Zirco™ Cartridge that provides optimal flavour retention and ensures your cannabis extract is used efficiently. Storing your cannabis extract in proper conditions also contributes to preserving its quality so it can be enjoyed for even longer periods of time. Ultimately, learning which types of cartridges best suit your needs as well as properly storing your extracts will ensure you are getting the best out of your cannabis experience every time. Learn more about S10 Lab's zirconia ceramic cartridge, Zirco™ Cartridge today!

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